Az előadás diái

Az előadás felvétele (folyt., 3. rész)

A vita felvétele

 „The Basic and Applied Social Psychology (BASP) 2014 Editorial emphasized that the null hypothesis significance testing procedure (NHSTP) is invalid, and thus authors would be not required to perform it (Trafimow, 2014). However, to allow authors a grace period, the Editorial stopped short of actually banning the NHSTP. The purpose of the present Editorial is to announce that the grace period is over. From now on, BASP is banning the NHSTP.” (BASP, szerkesztői bevezető, 2015. február)


„Anyone knowing the problems, as described over one hundred years, who continues to teach, use or publish significance tests is acting unethically, and knowingly risking the damage that ensues.” (Stephen Gorard, Sociological Research Online, 2016. február)

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